Dawn is a brilliant Pilates teacher, I have noticed great changes in my body since I have been doing her classes.   The problems in my shoulder and neck area has gone and the area has been strengthened.  My whole body shape has improved.  After the long summer holidays my body is calling for one of her classes.

Dawn has also help my daughter with many problems firstly with her clicking hips, the exercise given to her strengthen her hips and the problem has gone away, this was all due to her rapid growth as a teenager.
Later when my daughter was suffering with Headaches, Dawn helped again. Dawn spotted that her posture was not correct and help her with strengthening  exercises.  With the aid of a MRI scan the problem became apparent and she is still in the process of strengthening her neck.
Mrs Evelyn Stewart


For many years I played as a front row rugby forward. albeit with more enthusiasm than skill, and subsequently suffered from a litany of lower back problems.  No doubt compounded by middle age onset and poor posture, my back issues culminated in it seizing completely one day whilst putting away socks and being ignominiously carried out of the house by paramedics. After some physiotherapy of questionable effectiveness, my employer sent me on an intensive ‘back therapy’ course which introduced me for the first time to the concepts of core stability and strength.  On seeing my course exercise log, my wife remarked: ‘This is just Pilates repackaged; you ought to come along to Dawn’s class.’

Being a bloke, I had always thought that Pilates was something women of a certain age did, and that it was more about having a natter for an hour, than actually doing anything physically taxing and strenuous. How wrong I was!  I wasn’t quite the only bloke in the class, but what Dawn asked me to do with my body was very challenging and at times downright painful. But as I came to learn, everything about maintenance of the body’s core strength, stability and skeletal mobility is challenging and at times painful.

Four years down the line from that first Pilates class with Dawn, I am a complete disciple.  The day after a Pilates class, there is no doubting that my body has been put through its paces.  Likewise, out of Pilates term time, I can sense my body getting lazy (as Dawn would describe it: ‘cheating’) and my posture and mobility suffering.   Coming from an engineer; would you drive your car forever without any form of maintenance?  So why ignore maintenance activity on your body?  To stretch the metaphor, maintenance will not stop your body getting older, but it doesn’t half make it more reliable and easier to start on a cold, damp morning!
Mr S Moody (54 going on 27)


I have been attending Dawn’s Pilates Class in Marlow for several years and enjoy it very much. Dawn makes sure we work on every part of the body and is constantly monitoring us to make sure we are working properly. My core strength has improved and so has my flexibility,both of which I think are very important as we get older ( I am in my sixties ). Dawn has many qualifications and goes to refesher courses to make sure she is up to date with everything. Not only is Dawn a brilliant teacher but the class is fun and does me good.
V Dornhard 


I have studied Pilates with you since you started in 2007, and at that time I had already been practising for about 5 years with other teachers.
You have been superb in your teaching, understanding of Pilates and client’s problems and endeavouring to help with appropriate guidance.
I always feel confident in your care and know that you will always try to help if we encounter any problems through outside injuries.
I personally started Pilates as recommended by my doctor for Pelvic Floor problems, these I don’t have any more. I also have Arthritis of the knee comfirmed by X ray, but through continuing in your care I can manage it without further treatment.

I am also surprised how agile I have become over the years coping naturally with many difficult chores, tap-dancing and skiing.  As the song goes ‘I’m not young anymore’, so I am most grateful for all the help, accuracy and excellent example you are to the Pilates Organisation.

I hope we can continue for many years to come.
Congratulations and many thanks.
Mrs C Warner


I have been coming to class for about 6 years since Dawn began teaching in Radnage. She is such an encouraging teacher and takes great care with all our individual needs. I am 70 yrs old and benefit greatly from coming regularly to classes.
Mrs V Patterson


Early in 2013 I found myself with the Orthopaedic surgeon who had performed back surgery on me to cure a badly slipped disc as he discharged me.  Expecting the answer “no”, I asked if I could get back onto the squash court; to my surprise he said “yes” but urged me to combine this with something back friendly.  “Pilates?” I asked.  “Perfect”, he said.
After strong recommendations from a couple of friends, I sought out Dawn and she took me on. I’ve never looked back. I lead a pain free life and I know Dawn’s Pilates classes are a key element in making this possible for me.  As a Pilates teacher, she is on top of her game: deeply knowledgeable, motivating, challenging, and fun.  I challenge you to find a better Pilates teacher.
Mr N Wyse